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[Piston classification]

Article source: Guangzhou Teikuko Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.    Publication time:2017-07-20

  Pistons are parts of the car engine cylinder block for reciprocating motion. The basic structure of the piston can be divided into top, head and skirt. The top of the piston is the main part of the composition of the combustion chamber, its shape and the choice of the combustion chamber in the form. Gasoline engines use flat top piston, the advantage is small heat absorption area. Diesel engine piston at the top often have a variety of pits, its specific shape, location and size must be mixed with the formation of diesel and combustion requirements to adapt.
  As the internal combustion engine piston in the high temperature and high pressure and high load conditions, the piston requirements are relatively high, so the main talk about the classification of internal combustion engine piston.
  1. According to the use of fuel to points, can be divided into gasoline engine piston, diesel engine piston, natural gas piston.
  2. According to the material to create the piston, can be divided into cast iron piston, steel piston, aluminum piston and combined piston.
  3. According to the process of manufacturing the piston blank, can be divided into gravity casting piston, extrusion casting piston, forging piston.
  4. According to the working conditions of the piston points, can be divided into two categories of non-pressurized piston and pressurized piston.
  5. According to the purpose of the piston, can be divided into car piston, truck piston, motorcycle piston, marine piston, tank piston, tractor piston, lawn mower piston.
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