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[Cylinder liner structure]

Article source: Guangzhou Teikuko Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.    Publication time:2017-07-20

  Cylinder liner is the abbreviation of the cylinder liner, it is set in the cylinder cylinder, and the piston and cylinder head together constitute the combustion chamber. Cylinder liner is divided into two categories: dry cylinder liner and wet cylinder liner. The back of the cylinder does not touch the cooling water cylinder called dry cylinder, the back and cooling water contact with the cylinder liner is wet cylinder. Dry cylinder liner thinner, simple structure, easy processing. Wet cylinder directly contact with the cooling water, it is conducive to the engine cooling, is conducive to the small and lightweight engine.
  The inner surface of the cylinder due to the role of high temperature and high pressure gas and high-speed movement of the piston and easy to wear. In order to improve the wear resistance of the cylinder and extend the service life of the cylinder and have different cylinder structure and surface treatment methods. Cylinder structure in three forms: no cylinder liner, dry cylinder liner, wet cylinder liner.
  No cylinder liner body that is not inlaid with any cylinder liner body, the machine directly on the cylinder, the advantage is to shorten the cylinder center distance, so that the body size and quality reduction. But the cost is higher.
  Dry cylinder liner is not in contact with the cooling fluid, wall thickness of 2 ~ 3mm, the outer surface and the cylinder sleeve hole surface must be finished to ensure the necessary bit type accuracy and ease of disassembly. The advantage is the body stiffness, cylinder center distance is small, light weight, simple processing technology. The disadvantage is poor heat transfer, uneven temperature distribution, prone to local deformation.
  The outer wall of the wet cylinder liner is in direct contact with the coolant. The wall thickness is 5 ~ 8mm. The radial positioning is achieved by the upper and lower positioning ring. The axial positioning is achieved by the upper part of the cylinder liner and the corresponding bearing surface of the top of the body. The advantage of the wet cylinder liner is that there is no sealed water jacket on the body, easy to cast, heat transfer is good, the temperature distribution is relatively uniform, easy to repair, do not have to remove the engine from the car can replace the cylinder liner. The disadvantage is the body stiffness is poor, easy to leak.
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