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[The impact of the piston]

Article source: Guangzhou Teikuko Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.    Publication time:2017-07-21

  With the vehicle engine on the engine's power, economy, environmental protection and reliability requirements more stringent, the piston has developed into a set of high-strength lightweight materials, special-shaped cylindrical composite surface, shaped pin hole, etc. New technology in one of the high-tech products to ensure that the piston heat resistance, wear resistance, smooth guidance and good sealing function, reduce the engine friction loss, reduce fuel consumption, noise and emissions. In order to meet the above functional requirements, the outer circumference of the piston is usually designed as a special-shaped outer circle (in the convex variable ellipse), that is perpendicular to the piston axis of the cross-section of the ellipse or ellipse correction, and the ellipticity along the axis direction according to a certain law , The elliptical accuracy is 0.005mm; the outer contour of the piston longitudinal profile is the fitting curve of the higher order function, the contour accuracy is 0.005 ~ 0.01mm; in order to improve the bearing capacity of the piston to improve the engine power, Of the pin hole is designed to be micro-cone or normal stress surface type (shaped pin hole), pin hole size accuracy of IT4 level, contour accuracy of 0.003mm.
  Pistons as a typical car key parts, in the cutting process has a strong process characteristics. The domestic piston manufacturing industry is usually made up of general purpose machine tools and special equipment for the piston process. Therefore, the special equipment becomes the key equipment for piston cutting, and its function and precision will directly affect the quality characteristics of the final product The
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